WORKSHOP: Christmas Card Printmaking with Finn Bush

Christmas Printmaking with Finn Bush

Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 November, 10-4pm, lunch included  Bookings

The sending of printed Christmas cards originated in London in 1843.  The printers back then then considered it a vogue soon to pass.

Nowadays taking the time to make something for somebody is perhaps one of the most special gifts one can give. Like a ritual, its all about coming up with a design, choosing a method and settling down to the artistry and the industry.
So this Christmas as part of our Makers market, join 8 others to learn about four of the most popular print methods, Wood cut, engraving, dry point and monotype. Then choose one and create your own Christmas design with guidance or freedom. Print for your own enjoyment and use, or if you feel like it join the makers market and offer your works for sale. You never know as well as being great fun it could be the start of a new industry!

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