TALK: Why Speak When You Can Sing? With authors Tariq Goddard, Ryann Donnelly and Nathalie Olah


Saturday 6 July 2019

“Why Speak When You Can Sing?, a panel discussion on the differences between the spoken and written word and song will be chaired by Tariq Goddard of Repeater Books with contributions from authors Ryann Donnelly, whose new book Justify My Love explores sex and gender in one of the most consumed art forms of our age – the music video – and Nathalie Olah whose writing focuses on the intersection between politics and contemporary culture, with an emphasis on marginalized and working class communities and includes essays, fiction and reviews which have been published widely in Dazed, AnOther, i-D, the Guardian, the Sunday Times, the Independent and the Times Literary Supplement.

Ryann is a musician and writer and Nathalie is a music journalist turned author. Alongside publisher and author Tariq Goddard they will address the differences – and similarities – between the sung, the spoken and the written word, and the power of each to effect change.

The discussion will be followed by a performance by Ryann – accompanied by an electro-pop soundtrack – and a reading by Nathalie from her forthcoming book Steal as much as you can How to win the culture wars in the age of austerity.

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