Secret Postcard Fundraiser for Wardour School


Preview with champagne and canapés, Friday 16 February, £20 in advance 6:30 – 9pm  Bookings
Secret Postcard Sale, Saturday 17 February, 10am

Celebrities and renowned artists are amongst those participating in the Secret Postcard Sale at Messums Wiltshire in aid of Wardour Primary School in Wiltshire.

Royal favourite landscape and racehorse painter Charles Church, portrait painter Jemma Phipps and local artist Tom Hoar join a host of artists creating artworks for the sale.

Celebrities including Hollywood director Guy Ritchie will also submit a postcard sized artwork, all of which will be signed on the reverse. Students from Bath University are taking part as well as parents, friends and accomplished local artists.

The postcards will be exhibited anonymously and shown at the champagne and canapé preview on Friday evening ahead of the sale on Saturday morning.  All postcards will be priced at £40 whoever the artist, so take a chance by a collection of wonderful works and who knows you may have a star of today and maybe a star of tomorrow as well

As organiser of the sale, local mother Chloë Luxton says “This is an exciting opportunity to own an original work of art by an award-winning artist or celebrity…knowing that the sale has benefited the local community.”

Funds raised by the Secret Postcard sale will go towards the purchase of a yurt to be used for Forest School activities and general teaching. It will be heated and used all year round with weekly lessons for every child.

The Yurt will be situated in the beautiful back garden at Wardour School amongst planted trees and vegetable beds; it will become a hub for all outside activities and be a huge benefit to the school.

“Wardour’s forest school project teaches the children many life skills, increases their self-confidence and enthusiasm for learning in a woodland environment.”


Artists & celebrities include:

Mike Manning                                                                  Gordon Ellis-Brown
Freddie Fox                                                                       Merrily Harpur
Rupert Everett                                                                  Lucy Bentley
Amy Shuckburgh                                                             Lynn Keddie
Rosanne Corlett                                                               Terri Hogan
Virginia Powell                                                                  Penelope Treadwell
Robert E Wells RBA. NEAC                                              Alan Cotton
Chiara E Wells                                                                  Catriona McDonald
Roland Corbin                                                                  Silvy Weatherall
Jill Christian Smith                                                           Dee Shanny
Nicola Butler                                                                     Daun Marshall
Derek Stokes                                                                     Yvonne Sturgeon
Caroline Charles                                                               Emma Studd
Chloë Hall                                                                          Kareen Rizk
Jamie Theakston                                                               Vivienne de Mendes Harris
James May                                                                         Sara Bor
Val Uglow                                                                           Fenella Gabriel
Dermot O’Leary                                                                Dugald Graham Campbell
Toby Martin                                                                       Yvonne Morton
Brenda Martin                                                                   Hannah Robinson
Celia Lewis                                                                          Yurim Gough
Vivian Van                                                                           Linda Franklin
Madeline Braithwaite Exley                                             Charlotte England
Abbie Hinds                                                                        Penny Simpson
Sara Studd                                                                          Sophie Hyslop
Janet Luxton                                                                       Jane Leitch
Tom Sleigh                                                                          Naomi Scott
Kate Corbett Winder                                                         Charlie Barton
Pat Keeler                                                                            Mena Massoud
Maria Ellis                                                                           Charlie Stone
Sally Muir                                                                            Sophia Milburn
Jake Eastham                                                                      Bella West
Joanna Jacobs                                                                     Nathalie Roberts
Toby Ray                                                                              Alison Archer
Louisa Crispin                                                                     Stella Phipps
Beatrice Von Preussen                                                      Gabrielle Walker
Lynda Appleby                                                                    Sue Phipps
Gillian Stone                                                                        Gerry Blundell
Simon Taylor                                                                       Austin Harragin
Kate Wells                                                                            Debbie George
Harry Jonas                                                                          Charlotte Farmer
Lucinda Roper                                                                     Patricia Harris
Bella Hoare                                                                          Vicky Faulkner
Georgie Wessels                                                                  Pip Bryson
Vanessa Bowman                                                                Zebedee Helm
Georgia Fiennes                                                                   Andrew Gow
Gail O’Reilly                                                                           Frea Buckler
Darci Najdoska                                                                     Alison Pitcairns
Chloë Luxton                                                                         Daisy Moors
Bruce Ridge                                                                           Hatty Biles
Johnny Morant                                                                      Julia Erskine Murray
David Walsh                                                                          Iris Zhang
Barbara Hill                                                                           Alicia Swann
Johnny Bull                                                                            Olivia Willis
Killy Williams                                                                         Abigail Scarlett
Penny German                                                                      Louisa Harman
Victoria Ball                                                                           Helen Cheng
Sarah Aleck                                                                            Jessy Wang
Jamie Cotter Craig                                                                Heidi He
Laura Rich                                                                              Georgia Freely
Alice Peto                                                                                Gráinne Cook
Afsoon                                                                                     Hayley Yeo
Susan Crawford                                                                     Warren Port
Jemma Phipps                                                                       Lucy Corbett
Shelley Dyer Gibbins                                                            Annabel Pope
Tonia Gunstone                                                                     Yolanta Gawlik
Flora Daneman                                                                      Molly Mahon
Lesley Pearse                                                                         Christopher Miers
Serena Rowe                                                                          Alexander MacFaul
Hilary Turnbull                                                                       Rod Major
Chrissy Mouncey (Tushka)                                                   Percy Lizzard
Gaye Martin                                                                            Tom Hoar
Edward Rolls                                                                          Patricia Wilson Smith
Hannah Ludnow                                                                    Alice Boggis Rolfe
Rosie McLay                                                                           Amanda Baird
Tania Still                                                                                Philippa Hicks
Philippa Jeffrey                                                                      Elliot Carey
Deborah Vass                                                                         Cathryn Worrell
James Purefoy                                                                        Linda Saul
Clive Matthews                                                                       Rebecca Fontaine Wolf
Lucinda Storm                                                                        Darryl Knight
Kit Agar                                                                                    Sophie Newnham
Jacqueline Colley                                                                    Shane Pardoe
Jo Aylward                                                                               Alice Neave
Peter Wileman                                                                        Eleanor Graftton
Simon Carter                                                                           Sally McLaren
Tamsin Edmed                                                                        Lucie Sheridan
Johnnie Walker                                                                       Rebecca Heaseman
Sarita Keeler                                                                           Guy Richie
Eleanor Findlater
Tanya Hinton
Warwick Samuel
Isabella Welchman
Bridget McCrum
Fiona Wallace Velarde
Leon Broome
Lindsay Keir
Belinda Crozier
Fran Wood
Katunka Stampa
Jane Alyson Smart
Fay Weldon
Amanda Gentle
Gray Jolliffe
Judith Brenner
Jane Hobbs
Sarah Swann
Jamie Clark
Chris Pickard
Jamie Coreth
Hayley Wills
Jane Askey
Vicky Palmer
Kate Clarke

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