The Poetry Pharmacy – with William Sieghart CBE

Saturday 13 January, 6:30pm  Bookings

William Sieghart’s Poetry Pharmacy began in 2014; since then, he has prescribed over 1,000 poems which speak to every human state, honing his prescriptions all the time to make the definitive selection.  Sieghart speaks to the growing audience discovering self-help available through the power of verse and has collated the works in to a new book.

William Sieghart CBE, has had a distinguished career in publishing and the arts. He established the Forward Prizes for Poetry in 1992, and founded National Poetry Day in 1994. He is a former chairman of the Arts Council Lottery Panel, and current chairman of both the Somerset House Trust and Forward Thinking, a charity seeking peace in the Middle East and acceptance of British Muslims. His previous anthologies include Winning Words: Inspiring Poems for Everyday Life, Poems of the Decade and 100 Prized Poems. He was awarded a CBE in the 2016 New Year’s Honours for services to public libraries.

“Rightly resituates poetry in relation to its biggest and most serious task: helping us to live and die well.”
Alain de Botton

“I have read and reread The Poetry Pharmacy and simply adore it. There is balm for the soul, fire for the belly, a cooling compress for the fevered brow, solace for the wounded, an arm around the lonely shoulder – the whole collection is a matchless compound of hug, tonic and kiss. I cried at least five times. You have solved my Christmas present problem for the year.”
Stephen Fry

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