White out of Dark

from 4 July
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A Place Apart is headlined by a remarkable body of photographs by Ian Chapman. White Out of Dark – Saving Frink’s Plasters documents the rediscovery of a body of original plasters created by Elisabeth Frink that had been removed from her home and studio at Woolland and stored in a warehouse following her death in 1993. Some were damaged, some mere fragments, but the sculptures bear the marks of Frink’s hands and express her humanitarian feelings and concerns. Their poignancy, strength, mastery and beauty are revealed through the images that Ian made over these years.

He says: “From 2017 to 2019 I helped my wife Annette Ratuszniak, curator of the Elisabeth Frink Estate and Archive, record the contents of Frink’s former home at Woolland. Stored in a warehouse a few years after the sculptor’s death, much of it had remained untouched. Among the mountain of material, we uncovered more than 80 of her original plasters. As they re-emerged from the confusion and dust I started to photograph these fragile plaster sculptures destined to be cast in bronze.”

Ian Chapman is a photographer and former sub-editor for the Financial Times. He is drawn to arrangements of abstract features within landscapes and buildings and in recent years has moved away from darkroom processes to embrace digital technology.

Each of these remarkable images was shot on an iPhone on location at Frink’s storage and were processed using Snapseed, a mobile phone app, and then further refined in the studio using Adobe Lightroom software. They are all printed on matt, 100 per cent cotton rag paper made in Germany. Archival quality pigment inks were used to give longevity in excess of 100 years.