Saturday 10 March – Sunday 1 April 2018
Preview: Friday 9 March, 6pm  Bookings


On Friday 9 March, 6pm we will be hosting a preview of the work from the collaboration of internationally acclaimed ceramic artist Makoto Kagoshima and designer John Julian.  The event will be the chance to preview the pair’s work before their exhibition opens on Saturday 10 March in the Pod.

Makoto Kagoshima, based in Kyushu, the southern island of Japan, illustrates whimsical and heartwarming motifs on clay, making each ceramic object a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art. His works are designed with a variety of plants and animals, remembered from his childhood.
Sculptor and designer Julian Sainsbury is recognised for his collection of exquisite kitchenware, serveware and tableware. His designs are known for their pared-back aesthetic, neutral palette and finely judged simplicity. Leading chefs, discerning cooks and foodies alike around the world appreciate the sculptural form and the excellent functionality of his enduring classic designs. In 2013, after becoming disenchanted with the restrictions of conventional mass manufacturing, he set up his own artisanal workshop in Wiltshire.

Sainsbury and Kagoshima were initially brought together to work on a collaboration for the Japanese retailer, Isetan. The pieces of this project were exhibited and sold within Isetan, Japan in March 2017.  This collaboration was formed of plates, bowls and mugs stamped with Kagoshima designs as well as beautifully hand painted jugs, decorated by the artist on his initial visit to the John Julian workshop in Burcombe. The hand-painted work, in much demand, sold out instantly, inspiring further collaboration.
Later in 2017, Kagoshima re-visited the John Julian Workshop and took the opportunity to visit Messums Wiltshire. After which, the pair decided again to cooperate, with Kagoshima painting four of Sainsbury’s large ceramic plates. In Myth, Material and Metamorphosis, Kagoshima and Sainsbury will again collaborate creating porcelain works with folkloric designs. To do so, Kagoshima paints using black slip directly onto the clay, scratching through the layers to give the line detailing. Kagoshima’s paintwork is typical of his linear style, but with a quintessentially British-themed twist, signed on the back by both artists. Featured animals include horses, foxes and a pair of doves, all intertwined with roses and other flowers.
Returning to the UK in January this year, Makoto completed a second series of works to be exhibited exclusively at Messums Wiltshire from 10 March.  To register interest in these new pieces, email us at