Isabelle_Dutoit (cropped)_Credit_Michaela_Kühn

Born: 1975

Location: Gross-Gerau, Germany

Currently: Leipzig, Germany 

Education: Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig, Masterclass of Arno Rink 


“I start with a gesso grounding, than I add colours in an abstract way to decide which kind of colour feeling I want to express. Usually, I do this with acrylics. After this  I follow with oil paint. Playing with the grounding, I try to find the figure into the abstract colour layers – like a caveman, doing his or her animal drawing in relationship with the appearance of the stonewall. Then, I will paint all the details in a classical layer technique.”



Solo Exhibitions

2018 Sieben Tiger, Galerie Helle Coppi, Berlin
2017 B.O.S., Brooklyn, NY, USA
2016 Schattenfell, Galerie Leuenroth, Frankfurt am Main
2015 Girgentana, Regionalgalerie Südhessen im RP, Darmstadt
2015 Girgentana, Kunstverein Freunde Aktueller Kunst, Zwickau
2015 Luftwurzeln, Galerie Christa Burger, München
2013 Isabelle Dutoit, Franfurter Neue Presse, Frankfurt am Main
2012 den Rappen fliegen, Galerie Leuenroth, Frankfurt am Main
2010 Armada, Galerie Leuenroth, Frankfurt am Main
2008 threesome, Galerie Leuenroth, Frankfurt am Main
2007 Kunstverein Heidenheim
2006 Antilopen, Kunstverein Leipzig
2006 Tigerteich, Galerie Leuenroth, Frankfurt am Main
2005 im Dickicht, Campus Galerie der BAT, Bayreuth
2004 Galerie Maria Kohl, Darmstadt
2003 fictional illustration, Galerie Baer, Dresden
2002 hübsch, Kunstraum B/2 e.V. Leipzig
2001 baldWald, Laden für Nichts, Leipzig

Photo credit: Michaela Kühn