In a practice encompassing sculpture, painting and printmaking Henry Bruce combines the apparently natural with the apparently artificial and, in doing so, exposes the arbitrariness of distinctions between nature and culture. He questions the supposition of a natural world that is somehow separate and other to human experience and custom.

Bruce employs traditional manipulative techniques, such as carving, soldering, painting, etc. but often also relinquishes artistic control to materials and processes – whereby bees and mushrooms, for example, may hold equal status with Bruce as active artmaking agents. The distinct roles of artist and subject are thus confounded and new, more complex, sets of relations begin to emerge – allowing us to reconsider our human position in the world.

Henry Bruce lives and works on Dartmoor. He holds a BA in Social Anthropology from The University of Edinburgh and an MA in Fine Art from The University of the West of England. His work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally in solo, group, and collaborative exhibitions.


2006      The Muse Gallery, London
2011      Cockington Court, Devon
2013      Ministry of Nomads, London


2008      Stitch, London
2012      Westbourne studios, London
2013      Edge, Dartmoor, Devon
2014      Centre Space, Bristol
2014      Kunst Blumenthall, Munich
2015      Pithay installation, Bristol