EVENT: Glass Festival

Saturday 26 – Sunday 27 January 2019


Have you ever been interested in how wine glasses, vases or sculpture is made using a hot furnace? Have you ever wanted to know the science, techniques and skills which lie behind thousands of years of glass-making traditions? Then our Glass Festival is for you.

On the last weekend of January we will be hosting our second Glass Festival. The weekend will be made up of a day of demonstrations by contemporary masters using a minimelt furnace set up in the barn, followed by a chance to have a go yourself on the Sunday. This festival has been devised to complement our exhibition, Material Light: Glass, with artists Dante Marioni, Elliot Walker and Michael Hulls.



Live demos by masters provide a unique context for understanding the processes involved creating everyday objects as well as the artworks on show in our Material Light: Glass exhibition.  Watch the alchemy first-hand as a master glassmaker takes a glowing orb of molten glass and skillfully transforms it into a vase, bowl, glass or sculpture.

Joining us will be Bristol Blue’s David Barry making a Venetian goblet, Katherine Huskie demonstrating hot bit work by making a decorative vase, Scott Benefield will show his signature Venetian cane work followed by Material Light artists Elliot Walker and Dante Marioni to complete the day’s events.

Book a day ticket for Saturday 26 January at £60 which includes access to all the days demonstrations and our Glass Maker’s lunch.  An under 16’s ticket is £30 for the day. Tickets for individual talks and demos are £12 each, £6 for children under 16 years old. Or a day ticket excluding the lunch for £50 and £25 for adults and under 16’s respectively. Tickets for Sunday’s bauble making workshop and demo by Emsie Sharp are available separately.


Timetable of Demonstrations included in the Saturday Day Ticket:

10 – 11am  David Barry makes a Venetian Goblet

11:15 – 12:15pm  Katherine Huskie demonstrates hot bit work making a decorative vase

12:15 – 1pm  Glassmaker’s lunch with the artists

1 – 2pm  Scott Benefield demonstrates Venetian cane work

2:15 – 3pm  Elliot Walker

3:30 – 4:30pm  Dante Marioni