Gareth Neal is an established furniture designer based in East London. His progressive and innovative practice is fascinated by process, from traditional tools to the latest computer controlled router.  Believing that good design emanates from a depth of knowledge of the medium, Gareth has worked with wood since graduating from High Wycombe with a degree in furniture design and craftsmanship in 1996. His graduation work was well received, and he was invited to exhibitive work with Sotheby’s in London the following year.  
In 2002 Gareth set up a studio, his work since has been exhibited in museums around the world and is housed in several permanent collections including the Victoria and Albert in London. He is often invited to lead workshops in education and frequently collaborates with British brands, industry and craftsmen.   He has taught and leads research activity across Design and Craft courses at Buckinghamshire New University, Staffordshire University, and the University of Brighton.

As hands-on designers and makers, Gareth Neal are fascinated by process, whether that be with traditional tools or the latest computer controlled router. This combined with a fascination of historical techniques and aesthetics roots their design within a specific context with rich narratives and contextual reference points. Good design emanates from a depth of knowledge of the medium, and their ability to reconsider it for a contemporary audience.

Gareth Neal loves working collaboratively, and this provides a rich stream of inspiration within their practice which has cultivated some of their humblest and progressive designs.

‘Privately, we like nothing better than a rummage around a car boot sale or junk shop, this in many way has instilled in us a desire to make things that have a longevity and a resistance to fashion, and installed a healthy respect for the environment, and a desire to make sure our objects stand out and shine for all time.’