Joel Wyllie was born in London, 1986. He graduated from the Royal Academy Schools in 2015. 

Wyllie has a multi-disciplinary practice, consisting of  drawing, painting, print, sculpture and more recently, film.

He makes playful fusions of objects, terrains and characters, which are created through the collaging of multiple collections, both physical and remembered. 

Exhibitions include: ’Terra Forms’, The Concept Space, London, 2018. ‘Modest Villa Immense Versailles’, Kinman Gallery, London, 2016.’The Kennington Residency’ with Victoria Adam, London, 2015. ‘Tropical Lab’  ICA, Singapore, 2014. ‘New Contemporaries’ ICA London, 2010. 

Frank Kent is fascinated by the phenomenological dimensions of human experience and in particular the ways in which visual experience is integrated and inseperable from touch. The intelligence and humour at work is unafraid of what might be slight: he experiments with both a form of literalism and artifice embracing the synergy between a material and the hand that crafts.
Frank graduated from the Royal Academy Schools in 2016. recent exhibitions include. ’So he pulled the right levers and you did the asking’ ArtLink, Hull 2017. ‘Unplanned’ at Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Greenwich university 2017. ‘New Work’ a solo show at Fold Gallery, London 2017 and ‘Energy is Eternal Delight’ a commission for Richard Booths Bookshop during Hay Literary Festival 2017.  


2017      So He Pulled the Right Levers & You Did the Asking, Artlink, Centre for Community Arts
2017      Sketches of a Future Room with Wavy Frames, Chalton Gallery, London
2017      Plan, Unplan, Steven Lawrence Gallery, Greenwich
2017      West Yard Commission, West Yard, Royal Academy, London.
2017      Energy is Eternal Delight, Richard Booths book shop, coinciding with Hey on Wye Literary festival
2017      New Works, Fold Gallery, London
2016      An Aside to On Stage, Royal Academy Schools, Life Drawing Room, London
2016      RA Schools Show, Royal Academy Schools, Architecture Studios, London
2015      Premiums, Royal Academy, Burlington Gardens, London
2015      Royal Academy Schools, Life Drawing Room, London
2013      The Taste of Stone, Backlit, Nottingham
2011      Long Gallery Intervention, Nottingham Castle
2011      Site & Situe, Surface Gallery, Nottingham
2010      Pile, Surface gallery, Nottingham & Chapter Gallery, Cardiff
2009       Fringe MK Annual Painting Prize, Middleton Hall, Milton Keynes


2018      28tth December 1980, Asylum Studios, Suffolk
2018      Terra Forms, Concept Space, London,
2017      Mall Malaise, King’s Mall, Hammersmith, London
2017      Sketches of a Future Room with Wavy Frames, Chalton Gallery, London
2016      The Averard Hotel, Slate Projects, London
2016      Modest Villa Immense Versailles, Kinman Gallery, London
2015      The Kennington Residency with Victoria Adam, London
2015      RA Schools Show, Royal Academy of Arts, London
2014      Premium, Royal Academy of Arts, London
2015      Tropical Lab, ICA Singapore
2015      Painting About Painting, Simmons and Simmons, London
2015      Show Off, Leandakatelouise, London
2012      Capgras Proxy, Z- Shed, Bristol
2012      CAVE Art Fair, Liverpool
2011      Grids Remain, Bristol Diving School
2010      Bloomberg New Contemporaries, ICA, London
2010      A Foundation, Liverpool Biennale