DEMO: Venetian Canework with Glass Artist Scott Benefield

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Saturday 26 January 2019

In glassblowing, cane refers to rods of coloured glass which can be simple or complex and contain strands of one or several colours in a pattern. In the blowing process canes are added to vessels or other blown glass objects to create intricate, often spiral, patterns and stripes. Come along and watch Material Light artist Scott Benefield unleash his signature creativity in cane work and take the alchemic process of glassmaking to another level. A unique opportunity to watch a highly skilled artist demonstrate a level of work rarely seen in the public eye.

Caneworking is an ancient technique, first invented in southern Italy in the second half of the third century BC, and elaborately developed centuries later on the Italian island of Murano. Artist Scott Benefield takes the exquisite techniques of mid-century Italian glass as a starting point for his work. He moves beyond historical replica by intentionally disrupting the rhythm and order of pattern to create unique, tension-filled pieces that question our ideas about perfection and control.

Scott is internationally known as a glassblower and educator with a speciality in Italian cane techniques. He has conducted workshops on these techniques in the UK, ROI, Turkey, Japan and throughout the United States where he resided for many years. He was a director of the Glass Art Society in the U.S. and is currently on the GAS Advisory Board.

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