DEMO: with Glassblower Elliot Walker

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Saturday 26 January 2019

Join us to see English avant-garde glass artist Elliot Walker and one of our Material Light artists, demonstrate his glassmaking skills using the glass furnace set up in the Barn gallery. One of a handful of glass-blowers in the world who focus solely on figurative sculpture, Elliot sculpts in molten glass using the Messello technique. Working this way requires extreme dexterity, speed and precise temperature control. Elliot chooses to sculpt in glass mainly for the material’s immediacy and transparency and for the intensity of the sculpting experience.

“The process itself is very physically and mentally challenging. Once you begin a piece you have to see it through to the end in one session. You are exposed to temperatures of over 1000 degrees and the process of coaxing a complex form out of the liquid glass is unlike working with any other material. The pieces are not cast, carved or ground into shape, but modelled from a cooling liquid so that until the very last second the sculpture is a moving living entity, frozen in time as the glass sets.”

He has been awarded the Frederic Stuart memorial fund by the Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers and his work is represented in the Broadfield House Museum collection.

He has exhibited widely throughout the UK and is also a member of a glassblowing demonstration/performance team, called The Bandits of Glass.

His work is being exhibited in his inaugural solo show at Messums Wiltshire.



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