All pieces on show at Messums Wiltshire
7 December 2019 – 26 January 2020


We are delighted to announce the launch of Bruce Munro’s much anticipated collection of 48 interior works. This is the first time Bruce has worked on the domestic scale.

Born in 1959, light artist Bruce Munro lives and works in rural Wiltshire. His recent projects include: Stories in Light, Montalvo Arts Centre, California (2019); Field of Light, Uluru, Australia (until December 2020); and Jeju Light Art Festa, South Korea.

“Light is Bruce Munro’s medium and mnemonic and he has made an international reputation as a creator of land art on a monumental scale. But he also makes intimate works that fit into a domestic setting.”

“Central to each [of these new works] is an exploration of emotional connection [to] ideas and places of great personal significance; there’s no particular hierarchy to these; alongside references to Buddhism [] you’ll find nods to C S Lewis’s Narnia.

But it’s the many years [Bruce] spent in Australia that infuse his work most strongly; the contrast between England’s soft light and gentle landscape and the merciless sun and dramatic topography of the Antipodes couldn’t be more different but both have fuelled his notebook jottings, which go back decades and are about place and above all, the feelings engendered by a moment in time.” Fiona Gruber, 2019
Fiona Gruber is an arts journalist, critic and radio broadcaster who divides her time between Australia and the UK.

All works are for sale framed and signed by the artist.