Art in Motion: : “Looking at Horses” A Trainer, A Painter and A Sculptor

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ART IN MOTION:  Spirit of the Horse

‘Looking at Horses’ – An Evening in Conversation with a Trainer, a Painter & a Sculptor

Wednesday 14 June, 6:30 – 8:30pm Free to attend  – FULLY BOOKED

Enjoy a unique evening in the company of Hughie Morrison one of this Country’s great trainers, renowned painter Emma Sargeant and a sculptor, as we discover with the aide of questions both from the audience and from Fonthill Stud owner Alastair Margadale what their expertise can bring to how we look and understand one of humanity’s greatest partnerships.

Hughie Morrison1-hughie-morrison

Hughie Morrison has had success spanning over nearly 2 decades. His commitment and passion for his horses being the driving force behind this huge success which has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Winners like Pastoral Pursuits (July Cup G1 at Newmarket 2005), Alcazar (Prix Royal Oak G1 at Longchamp 2005, the eldest horse in Europe to win a G1) and Sakhee’s Secret (July cup G1 at Newmarket 2007), have firmly placed Hughie on any would be owner’s short list to train their horse.


Emma SergeantEmma_Sergeant Photo Credit Kiloran Howard

Emma Sergeant is one of England’s best known figurative painters. Amongst her foremost admirers is His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, who wrote: “one of the most admirable qualities of Emma’s art is the strength of her drawing, a hard-earned skill which she has fine-tuned over years of experiment and practice.” He also praised her as a wonderful traveling artist, a judgement based on the time she spent accompanying him on of his official tours of Egypt, Morocco and the Central Asian Republics in 1995 and 1996.

At the age of 21 Sergeant won the National Portrait Gallery Award and was then commissioned by the museum to paint a portrait of the most famous British actor of his generation, Lord Lawrence Olivier. Subsequently Sergeant has received numerous important portrait commissions throughout her career, her subjects including HRH The Prince of Wales and HRH The Duke of York, both of whom own a number of her works.

Sergeant has a deeply serious and professional artistic purpose, which is well reflected in all of her works. Her rich, mixed-media compositions highlight the subtleties of man’s intrinsic bond with animals, particularly dogs, horses and dolphins.

Over the years, Sergeant has exhibited with a number of leading art organizations, including Agnew’s, The Fine Art Society and the Prince’s Foundation, in London; the Mona Bismarck Foundation in Paris; and the Newhouse Gallery, New York.

Photo credit:  Kiloran Howard


Charlie LangtonCharlie_Langton

I’ve always had a love of horses and I was drawn to them as a subject from an early age. Over time this has developed into a deep fascination with their anatomy and character. Capturing the physicality as well as the character of horses in a way that isn’t formulaic and bland but at the same time conformationally correct is the challenge. Injecting the bronze with the feeling of energy and life that exudes from every thoroughbred horse in abundance is the driving force in my work and one that I’m devoted to mastering.

They are natures greatest athletes, in my opinion, and when you combine that physical power and ability with a willingness and determination to try, and consider they are nothing short of aesthetically awe inspiring, you have a thoroughly intriguing subject. Attempting to capture this combination is a fascinating challenge, which changes with every horse.

I’ve adopted two of my mothers thoroughbreds who serve as willing models.

I was 6 when I lucky enough to have a grey Welsh mountain pony, called Whizz. He lived up to his name and I have very fond memories of time spent with but mainly being thrown off Whizz.






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